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Want to be active in your community?

Resident associations and social committees form the basis of local activity across Paragon Communities and can be a very useful way of improving community spirit, making sure that services are properly targeted, and help residents have a real say in the decisions that affect their homes.

The Resident Involvement team are working with a number of residents to establish associations and social committees. If you are interested – then please let get in touch. 

To find out more about getting involved contact Jumai Gukas, Resident Involvement Officer on 01932 235888 or email:


Resident Associations

  • Fulmer Close, Hampton
  • Grovesland Residents Association, Moseley
  • Talbot Lodge Residents Group, Esher

Social Committees

  • Bradshaw 3 B'S, Walton
  • Churchfield & Winstanley, Cobham
  • The Firs and Fawcus, Claygate
  • Paul Vanson Court, Walton

Fulmer Close, Hampton 

Fulmer Close is an estate of 200 homes in Hampton with a very active Residents Association.

The Association meets monthly and carries out regular estate inspections with their TSO. The recently refurbished 'Community Hub' which is a ground floor apartment on the estate was opened late August 2013. The Association has prioritised community activity round the area and presently supports –

  • A locally based allotment
  • A new After School club will be launching in September
  • A Job-club
  • Trips for All during the summer – and locally based activity for young people over the holidays.
  • A good relationship with their local Councillors.