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Unsure of a tree in your area? Check if that tree belongs to us

We get a lot of enquiries from concerned residents about trees in the local area, often when a tree looks unstable. Using the 'Check a tree' tool below, you can now check whether a tree belongs to Paragon or not, and check it's inspection date.

Did you know Paragon have 14,586 trees on our communal land and an additional 5000 trees in the woods at our new development, Franklands Drive in Addlestone. We care about trees and appreciate the benefits they bring to our lives, not only supplying the air we breathe, but also the habitats they create.

We are lucky enough to have a fantastic range of trees of various species. Some are newly planted but others are veteran or even ancient. These old trees are home to bats, squirrels, birds and insects and need to be looked after.

Paragon inspect all the trees on our communal land and the tree survey data is updated as inspections take place throughout the year.

Tree checker


trees were checked in 2014/15