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Super Caretaker services

Our super caretakers can tackle any emergency...

Our super caretaker role is a rapid, mobile service with a horizon view of all our estates. The team provides a consistent service across all estates and can make improvements quickly across all our communal areas.

They are equipped with carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, mowers, blowers, hedge cutters, strimmers,  drills, grinders, light bulbs, mops, buckets, cloths, sprays, weed killers and a trusty litter picker to give our estates the ‘super’ treatment.

Working with a passion to deliver and always with a smile on their faces - nothing phases them.

Steve says, “Being a Super Caretaker means I never know what’s coming next and I find it really satisfying when I relax in the evening and think ‘I made 12 people smile today’!” 

So, don't hesitate, If you spot a little accident or you've got a problem you can't fix, contact Estate Services on 01932 235729 or via email and count the seconds until its sorted.

Our Super Caretaker attends 140 jobs a month across 12 boroughs and this number will soon rise as we are recruiting two further Super Caretakers.



The Super Caretaker completes


jobs each month on average