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How can we improve your area?

We are committed to involving you in all aspects of our services that affect you. We are keen to develop a variety of improvements suggested by our residents that will benefit our local neighbourhoods and communities. We do this by encouraging residents to suggest a Local Offer.

What is a ‘Local Offer’?

Local Offers are suggestions by residents to introduce something that will improve the quality of life where they live – perhaps by offering extra services or facilities, or updating or replacing something that will benefit others. Local Offers are a further opportunity for our residents to become involved in what we can improve upon.

How does a ‘Local Offer’ work?

A local offer shouldn’t be a one-off improvement; it should have an outcome that can be measured regularly.

For example – a one off deep clean of an apartment block may be a good idea, but wouldn’t be a local offer. Increasing the frequency of regular cleaning would be a local offer because we could measure the improvement over a year; and further activity may come from this.

Some recent examples of local offers include:

  • Working with a partner council to agree a local lettings policy for an area that had suffered a lot of anti-social behaviour
  • Increasing the cleaning in a block from fortnightly to weekly
  • An estate agreement between the local authority, the police and ourselves on how everyone would respond to ASB issues
  • Installing new bike sheds
  • Helping to set up a community group

Local Offers will be considered if they relate to these service areas

  • Tenant Involvement and Empowerment – covers Customer Service, involving residents and dealing with complaints
  • Home – covers repairs and maintenance
  • Neighbourhood and community – covers cleaning and caretaking as well as grounds maintenance and dealing with anti-social behaviour
  • Tenancy – covers income management; and any tenancy issues.

We want you to get involved in agreeing the Local Offer, setting the standard and also reviewing its success!

Apply now and get your Local Offer underway

  • If you have an idea for a Local Offer you can download an application form here
  • Send it to your Tenancy Services Officer and
  • We will contact you about taking the issue forward and if we feel we can help to make a difference, we will start a formal consultation with you and your neighbours.


In order for us to consider and support your idea for a Local Offer, it must aim to benefit most people in your area, not simply a single individual.

Did you know our grounds maintenance team visit your area fortnightly? You can check the schedule. Just pop the word 'schedule' into the search box at the top of the page.


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