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Hedgehog Street

Inspired by Hampton Court’s People’s Choice ‘Best Small Garden’ – We created Hedgehog Street in partnership with The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) in a disused communal sensory garden in Walton-on-Thames on the St John’s estate which is known for its hedgehog population. Here's how:

Hedgehogs need 0.9 hectares of roaming territory to survive; but due to human nature of putting fences up, we’re not only keeping the neighbours out, but keeping our prickly friends out as well. Hedgehogs have reduced by a third in the last 15 years.

Creating Hedgehog Street

Hedgehog Street took just one day to create as local young people got stuck into the gardening project with support from Paragon. The new Garden has been split into two sections, one to grow organic vegetables for use at the community café and the other is now a beautiful place for our residents to sit, while still being hedgehog friendly.

Redesigning the garden around the hedgehogs give us an opportunity to educate people about this endangered creature, whilst supporting the work of the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) & British Hedgehog Preservation Society. The garden features new plants, ponds and flowers, with beautifully carved hedgehogs and holes cut out of the fences to allow the creatures to move through the space.

It’s important that this garden is kept completely organic; hedgehogs like to chow down on slugs and worms, without these there is no food chain. So, we've teamed up with the composting company ‘Mind, Body and Soil’ who promote healthy organic soil use to improve the soil ecosystem, they’re also offering a reduced rate to our residents who want to grow organically!

This special garden for hedgehogs, which has been funded by us also features low maintenance plants that are insect friendly and high in pollen, promoting biodiversity.

Mapping Hedgehog Holes

We are actively supporting PTES's campaign to make more holes in fence panels to allow this endangered species to roam and thrive in our communities. Everytime we create a new hole, we mark it on the Hedgehog Street website. Paragon holes are marked as blue dots. If you zoom in on the map around South London, you'll see them.




Hedgehog Street


hedgehog holes made so far, with 200 more to come

The idea itself was inspiring! Hedgehogs are in fact the UK’s only mammal with spines! We wanted to help in increasing the number of hedgehogs in our local community.

Phil Sinfield