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Paragon has established a Challenge Fund for residents. The money for this fund comes from the savings made by Paragon over the past year.

What is the Challenge Fund?

Paragon has an established Challenge Fund for residents. The money from the Challenge Fund comes from the savings made by Paragon over the past year. We allocate £25,000 to successful Challenge Fund bids made by residents on an annual basis – across 10,000 homes across boroughs in the South East and south west London.

Who can apply for the Challenge Fund?

A central principle of the Challenge Fund is that residents present their case and gain support from neighbours and locals in the community. Any resident can put forward an idea.

We will also consider accepting applications for project funding from other groups which will directly benefit local residents.

Applications will also be accepted from staff who had an idea to improve the quality of life within a community.

Proposals are put forward to the relevant resident committees. The resident committee will then help to decide whether the money will be granted.

What can the money be used for? 

Proposals for the Challenge Fund should follow the criteria below:

  • It should benefit the community.
  • It should be properly costed and have an outcome.
  • It should be inclusive.
  • It should be deliverable by the landlord, residents or another organisation on their behalf.
  • It should only be used to provide something that Paragon would not normally be expected to provide – it must not be used to make up a shortfall in a regular budget.

What kinds of projects have been funded?

The Challenge Fund grants can be used to fund projects, events or the purchase of equipment, such as: 

  • Environmental improvements for a courtyard to become a relaxing space with picnic benches, raised flower beds and rotational washing lines - Tartar Road, Cobham.
  • A secluded outside seating area with flowers - Grimwood Road, Twickenham.
  • Support for a befriending service for residents who have little contact from family and friends - independent living schemes Elmbridge.
  • Tree planting at Thames View preschool and Hurst Road allotment - Walton.
  • Social committee and Resident Association community activities.
  • A resident shaving their head to raise money for Macmillan charity - Surbiton.
  • A resident running a community café and growing vegetables at the allotment - Hampton. 

How much can I apply for?

The Challenge Fund is designed to benefit as many people as possible. You can apply for up to £2,500 per application per scheme or community group.

When can I apply?

Now! You can apply for a grant at any time.  Challenge Fund grants are distributed throughout the year as applications are made.

How often can I apply? 

You can apply for a grant every year if you wish, although it is our general policy that we will not offer a grant to the same group more than once a year and for three consecutive years.

N.B. If you are a residents’ association or tenants’ group with a bank account you will need to have a maximum of £250 in your account before applying.  

Also, before you apply, have you considered fund raising activities in your community?  The Resident Council will also take this in to account as part of your application.

Paragon also reserves the right to decline any application without stating a reason.

Are all applications successful? 

Not necessarily, the Challenge Fund has a limited amount of money available each year and there may be times when the amount is oversubscribed.  In such instances, the Resident Council will distribute the funds as they see fit and may offer an amount less than requested.

How can I apply? 

You can apply by completing the Challenge Fund application form within this leaflet.  

Please contact the Resident Involvement team for further information regarding the Challenge Fund or if you require nay help with completing the application form.

Resident Involvement Team

t 01932 235 962


What happens next? 

Send your application form to: 

Paragon, Case House, 85-89 High Street, Walton-on-Thames Surrey, KT12 1DZ

A report goes to the Resident Council with details of the applications for them to consider. 

If the application is approved, a member of the Resident Involvement Team will be in touch to let you know, so you can get your community challenge underway! 

Also, the Resident Council would like to hear about how your project or event has gone and would appreciate your quotes and pictures via email or post. 


The Challenge Fund contains


for residents to apply for to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhood

We fund The Firs Sheltered Scheme Claygates Christmas celebrations and decorations!

Thank you for all you've given to St. Helens sheltered scheme over the past year.

- Residents of St. Helens scheme, Thames Ditton