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Ongoing improvements to homes

We have a planned maintenance team who are responsible for planning the improvements to your home.

Our planned works programme for 2015/16 includes the following:

  • 148 kitchen replacements*
  • 149 bathroom replacements*
  • 267 window replacements
  • 255 domestic boiler replacements
  • 2 commercial boiler replacements to our sheltered schemes and communal heating systems
  • 4,000 periodic electrical inspections
  • 300 asbestos surveys

*Electrical upgrades will be undertaken as part of these works where necessary.

How do we decide what to do each year?

We develop our programmes based on the information we hold about your property. 
We update the information we hold in a number of ways including:

  • Visits to your home by our asset management team who inspects a number of properties each year to keep our records updated.
  • Information you pass to us
  • Information passed to us from the repairs team
  • Information passed to us from your tenancy services officer

If your home has been identified on our programme for improvement works this year, you will be sent you a letter to inform you of this. 

Will I be given a choice of what is fitted in my kitchen and bathroom?

If you are having a kitchen or bathroom replaced, our resident liaison officer and surveyor will arrange a visit to your home. The purpose of this visit is to design and agree the layout of your new kitchen and/or bathroom, ask you to confirm your choices from the ranges available, which they will bring at the visit and to answer any queries you have.

The choices available to you are:

  • 5 kitchen door front styles
  • 4 kitchen unit door handles
  • 5 worktops
  • 2 different taps, standard or mixer
  • 3 different tap heads, e.g. lever, cross or round headed
  • Left or right inset draining board, depending on kitchen layout
  • 8 slip-resistant flooring samples
  • 5 wall tile colours
  • 8 vinyl silk emulsion paint colours for the walls

The kitchen will be designed in consultation with you. The layout will be based on the size of your kitchen, the storage units you require and space for your kitchen appliances. Once you are happy with your kitchen design you will be given a print out showing you the layout of your proposed kitchen.

We will then work alongside our contractors who will be carrying out the works to your home.

We fitted new kitchens or bathrooms to


households in 2014/15

We make sure we involve YOU!


of residents were 'very satisfied' with the opportunities for them to be involved in planning home improvements

The workmen were brilliant. End result fantastic, lovely job, very pleased!

- Weybridge resident