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Keeping you safe

We are the building services team – part Paragon’s maintenance department. Our job is to keep you safe in your own home – so we look after things like fire detection and emergency lighting, water safety, electrical safety, lifts and lifting equipment.

Our main areas of support are:

  • Electrical Testing              
  • Water Monitoring           
  • Fire Safety        


Meet the team

David Mason – Electrical Supervisor

  • Manages electrical testing issues raised by our residents and site based staff
  • Works alongside our external contractors to make sure our programmed works are completed in a timely manner
  • Checks quality control.  

Andrew Wyeth – Water Treatment Technician 

  • Manages hot and cold water systems
  • Carries out water risk assessments
  • Checks communal water storage tanks
  • Provides support to residents and scheme managers about water systems
  • Monitors systems used to store communal hot water.  


Vickie Sturton – Service Supervisor 

  • Managing a small team of maintenance operatives
  • Weekly fire alarm tests
  • Monthly emergency lighting testing
  • Maintaining emergency light and fire alarm equipment
  • Responding and dealing with issues raised by our residents.   


Who else is on the team?

The team is managed by Martin Lawton.

The team’s administrator is Bianca Ponton who provides support to the team and our maintenance.

Operatives Stephen Sparkes (below left) and Peter Smith (below right) also carry out planned testing of systems to make sure we’re compliant and safe.



What else do I need to know?

Queries about planned maintenance work? Please contact the team on 0300 1232221.

Please note any reactive works come through the repairs desk on 0300 123 2221 (option 1) – open 24 hours.




Electrical safety


electrical tests completed in 2014/15

"Our aim is to provide planned support to all residents to monitor, certify and assess properties and their services."

Martin Lawton, M&E Manager