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Affected by noise?

If you're having noise trouble, try speaking to your neighbour first. This is the quickest and easiest way to solve a noise problem.

If you've tried speaking to your neighbour a few times and they're still making on-going noise, then you can open a case with us and report it through the free 'Noise App'.  

Here's how to use the app:

Step 1

Download the app here or search for 'The Noise App' on your smartphone – it's free.

Step 2

Create your account and choose us, Paragon Housing Ltd, as your Service Provider. This means your reports will come to us directly so we can start investigating.

Step 3

Record 30 seconds of noise by holding down the orange button. Then send us the recording by submitting the form.

That's all you have to do – we'll investigate and get back to you via the app.

Top tips

  • Though you don't have to turn on your GPS or allow access to your location to make a report, we suggest you do. This will make the evidence stronger because we can prove the noise is coming from a specific location.
  • Don't worry if your recording isn't the best quality. We'll be able to hear low frequency or bass sound better when we listen to it with headphones on in our office.
  • Make sure you're holding down the orange button the whole time you're recording. If you just tap it, it won't record properly.
  • Please make and submit recordings regularly. A thorough evidence log will give us more options when it comes to taking action.


Watch the walkthrough here:

If your noisy neighbour isn’t one of our tenants, you’ll need to report the nuisance to the council. 

Choose your council and do it online:






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