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Frequently asked questions about the services we provide

My property

  • How do I extend my lease?

    Please click here to understand how to extend our lease.

  • Who is responsible for repairs?

    Please click here to understand who is responsible for the various types of repairs to the property.

  • What is the defects period, how long is it valid for and what does it cover?

    A defects period is a period of time when a developer is responsible for some types of repairs to a property. It generally only applies to newly built homes. It starts when the property is first built (not when you purchase or move in to the property) and generally lasts for 12 months. It covers issues ranging from leaks, loose fittings/ fixtures and faulty plug sockets through to structural problems. It does not cover things such as small shrinkage cracks, damage caused by vandalism/ misuse or regular maintenance and servicing of equipment. If a defects period applies to your home you will be advised of this, and the extent of the liability, when you purchase or move in to your new home.

  • What is included in the service charge?

    Service charges include the maintenance and cleaning of communal areas. It also includes the electricity for these areas. If there are lifts where you live, the service charge ensures these are in good, safe, working order. Where there are communal gardens or terraces, the maintenance of these is also part of the service charge.

  • Can we buy more shares in the property and what is the maximum

    Yes. For more information about this click here.

  • Can a family member take over my tenancy if I die?

    This will depend on a number of factors to do wit your tenancy and to answer this question accurately we would advise that you speak on the phone to your tenancy services officer.

Universal Credit

  • What is Universal Credit (UC)?

    UC is a means tested benefit that brings together a number of in and out of work benefits into one including; Income bases Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income related Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.

  • Who will be able to claim Universal Credit (UC)?

    UC is available to people who are unemployed or on low income and of working age making a new claim.

  • How often will Universal Credit (UC) be paid?

    UC will be paid monthly in arrears.

  • Who will receive the Universal Credit (UC) payments?

    These will, in the vast majority of cases, be paid to you or where there is a joint UC claim, the payment will be made to either you or your partner.

  • What is the Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit?

    This is calculated on the basis of your net rent plus any eligible service charges.

  • Will existing benefits claimants be affected?

    Not straight away but everyone currently claiming an eligible benefits (see what is UC?) will eventually be moved over to Universal Credit. The timescale for this move has not yet been finalised by Government but should not be before 2017.

  • When will Universal Credit (UC) affect me?

    This is not yet completely clear yet. UC has been rolled out across the country but in most areas only single, new claimants of working age are affected.

  • Will Universal Credit (UC) affect everyone?

    No. Only if you are of working age with a low income will you become a UC claimant. There may also be some of you who live in certain types of accommodation who will still receive Housing Benefit rather than the Housing Element of UC. (People aged between 18 and the qualifying age for Pension Credit (currently 60 years, six months).)

  • Will Universal Credit (UC) replace all existing benefits?

    No. Someone claiming UC will also be able to make a claim for; contribution based Jobseeker’s Allowance, contributory Employment and Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (or Personal Independence Payments) Child Benefit and Carer’s Allowance. Some of you will claim one of these benefits alongside UC. Council Tax Benefit is also not included in UC.

  • What information do I need to be able to make an on-line Universal Credit claim?

    You will need to have with you; your National Insurance number, an email address, your phone number, your address, Paragon’s address, the amount of rent that you are charged, your bank account details, details of any savings that you have and any salary or income that you receive. The form cannot be saved so you will need all of this information as a claim must be completed on-line in one sitting.

Applying for housing



Moving home and swapping homes

  • How do I swap homes? (mutual exchange)

    The first thing you need to do is sign up to homeswapper at We now have a dedicated lettings team at Paragon who can give you advice about swapping and exchanging through Homeswapper. To speak to a lettings advisor call 01932 235 788.

  • Where am I on the transfer list?

    Our transfer list is held by our lettings team. To find out your position please contact the letting team on 01932 235 788.

  • If I pay off my arrears can I move?

    If you have a clear rent account with no arrears you may be eligible to apply for a transfer in order to move out of your property. You can also sign-up to Homeswapper, so you can look to swap homes with another resident. For more information about your options, please contact our lettings team on 01932 235 788.

Communal maintenance & gardens


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