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Social Synergy

Corporate social responsibility sees organisations go above and beyond 'business as usual' to look at social and environmental concerns affecting their neighbourhoods and beyond. Social synergy goes further, benefiting residents, staff and our partners.

We support our local communities above and beyond simply providing great homes. We play an active and socially responsible role, using our position to champion ethical business and partnership activities. Our vision is to improve neighbourhoods and have a positive impact in our communities and the wider sector.

How do we do this?

By empowering staff and customers to create positive changes that benefit the organisation and the relationship the organisation has with residents. This benefits their lives by improving their immediate environment or situation, their financial security, supporting their learning and development and beyond all, improving their wellbeing.

What does it mean for me?

Find out how social synergy is making a difference in your neighbourhood - getting people online, creating community hubs, putting on special events, building and maintaining great spaces to live and socialise, and thinking outside the box to include and appreciate our diverse range of residents. We fund residents' ideas from log cabins to youth and community projects. We put on great events like Paragon at the Pictures and Paragon at the Circus, we are inspired to create unique projects from original ideas like Hedgehog Street, making a difference to the enviroment and saving a species. 

Find out more

Read our new Social Synergy report to discover what we believe makes Paragon a truly social business and an exceptional company.

This document takes you on an exciting social journey. We’ll show you the big and small things we do to make a difference, from putting on events, to making our communities beautiful. 

Find out how we're supporting and recognising local charities, apprenticeships, our partners, you as residents, our staff and the next generation. 


"Without Reemo's Cafe the kids would be hanging round on the streets. Here my son is learning cookery skills. If it wasn't for Paragon, my son could have taken a very different path."

Local resident & mum